Handy Heart Gift Box Set

Handy Heart Gift Box Set


A set of 3 handcrafted midi heart shaped soaps prepacked in a beautiful Little Suds Soap gift box. Each soap is filled with at least one essential oil to help soothe your mind as well as your body. You will find inside a Summer Soother heart scented from tropical coconuts a gentle Sea Breeze blue heart soap which is great for reminding you of warm days at the baech and a wonderfully relaxing Heaven Scent heart filled with Lavender and Lemon essential oils and scattered with natural poppy seeds for a gentle exfoliation, a great soap to use just before bedtime!


    Handy Heart Gift Box Set –  A set of 3 handcrafted midi heart shaped soaps prepacked in a beautiful Little Suds gift box. Each box comes with a product information booklet inside. Approx 90g prepacked box.


    Sea Breeze Midi Heart Soap – This beautifully scented little heart will remind you of warm summer evenings spent by the sea.


    Heaven Scent Mini Heart Soap – The beautiful combined aroma of both pure Lemon & pure Lavender essential oils together with a smattering of natural Poppy Seeds means this little soap is truly ‘Heaven Scent’!


    Summer Soother Mini Heart Soap – The rich, creamy lather this little soap produces is perfect for smoothing and softening sun-kissed skin. Scented with a Tropical Coconut fragrance oil




    Perfect for Gifting, Travelling or Simply Just Enjoying!
    Little Suds products are created using a luxurious, nourishing, vegan-friendly
 vegetable base which produces a wonderfully rich, creamy, moisturising
 lather that leaves your skin feeling super soft & supply after every wash.
    Each soap or shampoo contains at least one pure essential oil that has 
 been chosen very carefully, not just for its beautiful aroma but for its 
reputed health-enhancing & mood boosting properties too


    A Note From Little Suds Soap Company
    We take the welfare of our planet & everything that lives on it very seriously and work really hard at being as environmentally friendly as possible. We use only natural ingredients as exfoliates and because all of our products are of a solid composition they require no plastic bottle for storage or transportation. We really hope you enjoy using your Little Suds products as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

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