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Updated: Jan 31

You’ll never be stuck for a gift idea again! Suitable as a gift for any occasion at any time of the year our Little Suds Soap handy hearts come in a beautiful little gift box. Each box comes already packed with 3 handcrafted midi hearts each containing at least one essential oil to help soothe your mind as well as your body. Made from our rich and creamy vegetable base you'll find our soaps are so gentle on your skin and will leave it feeling super soft and hydrated after every wash. All Little Suds products are vegan friendly.

Every Little Suds product is handmade for you in the UK. We use only UK suppliers and insist that everything we use has not been tested on animals and contains no plastic. All our products are Vegan-friendly and we use only natural ingredients as exfoliants.

As well as considering the environmental issues we’ve already mentioned, we wanted to tackle the issue of travelling with toiletries. Large, bulky and sometimes leaking plastic bottles, have long since added excess weight and taken up too much valuable space in many a suitcase, overnight bag or backpack. Not to mention the infuriating and costly experience of getting your shower gel confiscated at airport check-ins all over the world!

By using a solid soap and shampoo you and your family are able to travel light and without any of the above mentioned toiletry related stresses!

Inside the box you'll find

HEAVEN SCENT This little soap contains not just one but two, essential oils. Heaven Scent combines the mood enhancing, deep cleansing properties of our Lemon essential oil with the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties of our Lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is often used to help promote sleep, reduce anxiety and sooth minor bug bites and irritations. Heaven Scent also contains a scattering of natural poppy seeds which work really well as gentle exfoliators, helping to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin looking and feeling brighter.

SUMMER SOOTHER A little slice of summer all year round, best describes this sun coloured soap stick. As with all our soaps, the Summer Soother produces a wonderfully creamy, moisturising lather, perfect for soothing and rehydrating tired, weather exposed skin. We have used the beautiful scent of coconut which will leave your skin, you thoughts and your bathroom smelling like a Tropical Island.

GENTLE SEA BREEZE Inside this little soap stick you will find natural Dead Sea salt crystals which work really well as natural exfoliators. Dead Sea salt contains magnesium, sodium and potassium, all minerals which have been proven to enhance your skins ability to retain moisture helping to keep it healthier and silky smooth for longer. Coloured a deep, sea blue and scented with our best-selling Sea Breeze fragrance oil this little soap with have you dreaming of your next holiday in no time!

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