Plant A Tree

Your Orders Will Plant Trees.

We will donate £1 from every order of £10 or over that we receive to Treeapp.

We are proud to announce our exciting new partnership with the wonderful TreeApp!

Plant A Tree

TreeApp, like Little Suds Soap Company are working towards creating a more sustainable future, planting trees across the world wherever they are needed most. We want to help Treeapp & their NGO’s worldwide reach their incredible target of planting one million trees a day!

How it works

We will donate £1 from every order of £10 or over that we receive to Treeapp. Treeapp will then plant one tree for every £1 donation we send them.

Together we can help rebuild forests all over the world that are currently being decimated by the modern commercial world. Reforestation is so important as it helps slow climate change, reduce community displacement and protect wildlife by protecting their natural habitats.

Plant A Tree

We take the welfare of our planet and it’s wildlife very seriously and are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint both as a business and as individuals. By shopping with Little Suds Soap Company you are helping us support the vital work Treeapp are carrying out across the world.

In addition to the trees we will plant on your behalf through your Little Suds Soap purchases you can also download the free Treeapp here and get involved on a personal level too.

For more information, go to:  

or download their app here.

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