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Beautiful Handmade Soaps

Beautiful mini soap sticks and hearts for travel, gifts or home

Little Suds


Our soaps are all created from a skin nourishing, vegan-friendly, vegetable base that produces a wonderfully rich, creamy, moisturizing lather. Every Little Suds soap contains at least one pure essential oil that has been chosen very carefully for its aroma and for the reputed health-enhancing and mood-boosting properties that you find within the purest of essential oils.

We use only natural products as exfoliates so within our exfoliating ranges you will find the likes of Dead Sea salt crystals, slices of natural Loofah Gourd and natural Poppy Seeds, all of which are great for removing dull, dead skin cells and revealing the brighter, fresher skin below. By using these natural ingredients instead of harmful plastic micro-beads we are also protecting our oceans and marine life from unnecessary harmful substances.

With this in mind we are hoping people can rekindle their love of solid soap. It is such a small lifestyle change that anyone can manage but a lifestyle change that can make a huge difference to the amount of single use plastics that end up in our seas, on our beaches and harming our wildlife.

We have six signature recipes available that are replicated throughout our ranges, meaning once you’ve found your favourite you’ll be able to enjoy it in at least three different forms! 

Wanting to create something a little different from the usual bar shaped soaps our products have been created with three specific purposes in mind, small & light for travelling, fun and cute for gifting and for enjoying at home we have combined a little luxury, practicality and beauty all in one product! 


LITTLE SUDS Soap Sticks ideal for Travelling
These little sticks couldn’t be better for travelling, their handy size, solid form and reusable handmade fabric soap sack make them perfect for when you are on the move. Whether you are away for a few days on business or off on your summer holidays your Little Suds soap sticks are lightweight, space-saving, airport friendly and most importantly, won’t leak all over your luggage! Choose from one of our six signature recipes;


LITTLE SUDS Mini Hearts & our Soapy Balls for Men range are ideal for Gifting

You’ll never be stuck for a gift idea again! Suitable for any occasion at any time of the year. Choose from our Little Suds mini hearts gift box sets which come packed with 12 handmade mini heart soaps or, if you are looking for a gift for a man in your life then our brand new Soapy Balls are just perfect. Whoever you are looking to buy for and what ever the occasion we are sure you will find something that will enable you to say it with soap – naturally.


LITTLE SUDS Big Hearts, Little Loofahs & Massage Bars are ideal for enjoying at Home

Our larger soap ranges were created due to popular demand. We had so many people who had loved using our travel sticks they asked if we would create a larger soap for them to enjoy at home.
So we listened! We have now created three larger soaps, the first is our Big Heart soaps packaged in beautiful rose gold tins, our Little Suds Little Loofah exfoliating soaps, which although we say it ourselves, look amazing and make removing dull, dead skin actually pleasurable! And finally our latest editions are our wonderfully relaxing, muscle soothing massage bars, available in two of our most popular scents Sea Breeze and Tropical. 


Keeping it Natural, Keeping it Clean


Shampoo Stick Travel Set

Shampoo Stick Gift Set Sack - All 4 shampoo sticks...


Travel Soap Stick Set - This little set is perfect...


Soap Sack - Left empty for you to fill with...

Little Suds

I love my little suds, they smell wonderful and leave my skin feeling so soft, they are so easy to travel with, no leaking bottles!

Dee Lacey



Hand-made with Love,
Just For You!

Little Suds