Big Hearts ideal for enjoying at Home

Big Hearts ideal for enjoying at Home

Our Little Suds Big Heart range was created by popular demand. We had so many people who had loved our travel sticks that they asked if we could create a larger soap for them to enjoy at home.
So we listened! Our Big Hearts soaps are perfect for using whilst relaxing in the bath. Not only do they leave your skin feeling and smelling wonderful but your entire bathroom will benefit from the aroma of the pure essential oils within.

Here at Little Suds we spend our time handcrafting beautiful soap and solid shampoo products which, due to their size are perfect for gifting and travelling. Our products are all Vegan-friendly, Eco-friendly, cruelty free and plastic free. Each and every Little Suds product has been lovingly crafted for you by hand, making every one ever so slightly unique. All our ingredients are sourced from UK based suppliers and we use only natural ingredients as exfoliants, all of which are gentle on the skin and non-harmful to our environment or marine life.

Little Suds soap company launched in 2019 and creates beautiful, handmade, soap & shampoo products. Due to their size, weight and solid form they are perfect for gifting and travelling. We have recently responded to requests to add a larger soap to our range so we have created the Little Suds Big Hearts range for you to enjoy at home!

Our Range

With its beautiful fresh, energizing and uplifting scent this little soap will really help you spring into life of a morning. Lemon essential oil is reputed to have powerful mood enhancing, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties so not only is it good for the skin but will brighten your mood too.

Why not try pairing our Lemon Fresh soap stick with our Luscious Lemon Locks shampoo stick

This little soap contains not just one but two, essential oils. Heaven Scent combines the mood enhancing, deep cleansing properties of our Lemon essential oil with the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties of our Lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is often used to help promote sleep, reduce anxiety and sooth minor bug bites and irritations.

Heaven Scent also contains a scattering of natural poppy seeds which work really well as gentle exfoliators, helping to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin looking and feeling brighter.

A little slice of summer all year round, best describes this sun coloured soap stick. As with all our soaps, the Summer Soother produces a wonderfully creamy, moisturising lather, perfect for soothing and rehydrating tired, weather exposed skin. We have used the beautiful scent of coconut which will leave your skin, you thoughts and your bathroom smelling like a Tropical Island.

Packed with a pure Sicilian Bergamot oil and made to resemble an English summer sky we hope you will find this little soap as relaxing as we do. Bergamot essential oil is reputed to be a natural mood booster helping to alleviate tension and promote feelings of cheerfulness. A great choice of soap to a help you relax and unwind after a hard day.

Inside this little soap stick you will find natural Dead Sea salt crystals which work really well as natural exfoliators. Dead Sea salt contains magnesium, sodium and potassium, all minerals which have been proven to enhance your skins ability to retain moisture helping to keep it healthier and silky smooth for longer.

Coloured a deep, sea blue and scented with our best-selling Sea Breeze fragrance oil this little soap with have you dreaming of your next holiday in no time!

This minty little soap is both invigorating and energizing. It produces a rich, moisturising lather, that will both cool and calm the skin. Peppermint (Arvensis) essential oil is used to aid digestion, eliminate harmful bacteria, and soothe inflamed and irritated skin.

It has a wonderfully refreshing, cool scent, which will help to keep you feeling clean and fresh all day long.