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Little Suds soap company was launched in 2019 by Julia. It is a small business with big plans! Hoping to tackle a couple of toiletry related issues she had encountered over the years.

The first was to make available soapy products that didn’t use plastic in any way, shape or form. The second, to tackle the potential problems of travelling with toiletries; leaking, heavy, bulky plastic bottles that weigh a ton, take up valuable space in your case & potentially leak all over your luggage!






One of the largest driving forces behind starting Little Suds was the desire to help reduce the need for single use plastics. In recent years there has been an increased awareness of the detrimental effect discarded plastics are having on our oceans, as well as on our marine life, our environment, our wildlife and indeed on human life itself. Thankfully, things are beginning to change as we all begin to realise the full extent of the damage our throw away culture is having on our planet and we wanted to be a part of that change.

Recognizing that the cosmetics and toiletry industries have been huge contributors in the growth of single use plastics, we wanted to produce an everyday soap and an everyday shampoo that didn’t require a plastic bottle. Little Suds products are left as naked as possible but for a small piece of brown paper which is used to protect our soaps and shampoos whilst in a shop or in transit. Our travel soap sacks are made from a natural unbleached fabric and our ingredient labels are 100% paper. Every Little Suds product is plastic free and cruelty free.

We use only natural products in our store displays and use only recycled and refashioned cardboard when sending out your orders. We figure most people are more interested in what is inside the package rather than the packaging itself, which as we all know, ends up going straight into a bin!

Every Little Suds product is handmade for you in the UK. We use only UK suppliers and insist that everything we use has not been tested on animals.  All our products are Vegan-friendly and we use only natural ingredients as exfoliants.

As well as considering the environmental issues we’ve already mentioned, we wanted to tackle the issue of travelling with toiletries. Large, bulky and sometimes leaking plastic bottles, have long since added excess weight and taken up too much valuable space in many a suitcase, overnight bag or backpack. Not to mention the infuriating and costly experience of getting your shower gel confiscated at airport check-ins all over the world!

By using a solid soap and shampoo you and your family are able to travel light without any of the above mentioned toiletry related stresses!

Each little sack of suds by Little Suds will last a family of 6 from 2 – 4 weeks!

We hope you love using our soaps and shampoos as much as we have enjoyed creating them, and we hope you will pop back often to join us in our quest to reduce the need for single-use plastics and help protect our planet and its wildlife for generations to come.

If you would like to get in touch please use the contact form on our contact us page.

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