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Perfect For Gifting, Travelling & Simply Just Enjoying!

Here at Little Suds soap company we spend our time handcrafting beautiful solid soap & shampoo products which due to their size & form are perfect for gifting & travelling. 

Each & every Little Sud has been lovingly crafted for you by hand, making every one ever so slightly unique.  As a business Little Suds is striving to be as sustainable as possible as the welfare of our planet is extremely important to us. We insist on using only natural ingredients as exfoliants; Dead Sea salt, Poppy Seeds & Loofah Gourd, all 100% natural and all can be found in our soaps. We use only 100% recyclable & biodegradable materials in all our product packaging & store displays. All Little Suds products are plastic free & cruelty free.

We are proud to produce products that are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin. The only thing Little Suds Soap will be leaving behind is super soft & wonderfully scented skin!

All our ingredients are sourced from UK based suppliers that choose to follow the same sustainable values as we do. 

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